Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions – Please read carefully!

Your deal is with G M Tours And Travel INC. Please carefully read the details of your obligations under the booking conditions listed below. We consider the reservation you make to be a binding legal agreement.

Payment of Deposit:

We will send our Confirmation Invoice to you or your travel agent upon receipt of your completed Booking Form and deposit and your request for the pilgrimage of your choice. Until the Confirmation Invoice is received, which serves as our acceptance of the booking in line with these booking terms and conditions, which American Law and Jurisdiction govern, we will have no contract. Any funds given by the client to an agent by or ahead of the terms of the agreement are retained by the agency on behalf of G M Tours And Travel INC.

If We Change Your Booking:

We understand that your pilgrimage arrangements have been planned far in advance, and while we reserve the right to make changes at any moment, there may be rare circumstances when they must be altered. Most of the time, these adjustments will only be little ones, but if they become more significant, we’ll try to let you or your travel agent know before you leave. We quickly inform customers of any significant adjustments that may need to be made before they depart for the pilgrimage.

Our Responsibility:

G M Tours And Travel INC has made every effort to guarantee that the providers it uses are up to standard. Regarding claims resulting from death, physical harm, or illness to you or any member of your party, G M Tours And Travel INC will not accept responsibility for the proven negligent acts and omissions of our employees and agents, suppliers and subcontractors, servants and agents while acting within the scope of or in the course of their employment. This is by our policy of customer care. Additionally, we won’t take on responsibility for visas that pilgrims were not granted by the Saudi Hajj Ministry or the Saudi Embassy in the United States (US). The pilgrim’s responsibility is to check the validity of a visa and their intended travel dates. 

We shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or expenditure coming from actual or threatened industrial action or any uncontrollable occurrence that would cause a modification in the itinerary to be necessary or would cause it to be delayed.


We disclaim all responsibility for any delay or cancellation of your flight to or from the USA, regardless of the reason—diverse weather, airline, airport administration, air traffic controller action, mechanical failure, strike, industrial action, or something else entirely.

However, you could file a claim under your travel insurance policy in specific situations. Although we do not provide travel insurance, we advise you to consider getting some for your trip.

Please Note: The walking distance is an estimate and might need to be more custodial. You are responsible for using Google Earth to measure the distance before making a reservation with us. The walking distance may be longer for older people because of the potential rush hour or crowding caused by the thousands of pilgrims entering and exiting the Holy Mosques.


It would be best if you did not act in a way that causes dangers, upsets, irritates other people, or puts property at risk. If you do, we won’t be responsible for you, and you might be kicked out of your hotel or apartment. We will refund no portion of the money you paid for your pilgrimage.

Brochure Information:

The information on this website and brochure has been compiled as precisely as possible. Since we provide so much information, there may be occasions during your specific pilgrimage when an advertised amenity is changed or removed for reasons beyond our control. For example, the scheduled Ziyaarat may be altered, or room amenities and furnishings may change during the busiest times of the Hajj.

Remember that your expectations for the pilgrimage should be reasonable and founded on the information provided to you on the website or brochure. The pilgrim is responsible for checking out the hotel before making a reservation; we do not assume liability for any disappointment you may have due to unrealistic expectations. Furthermore, local licensing regulations or religious pilgrimage may apply to particular services and facilities.

Specific amenities, such as air conditioning or water supply, may be limited by the hotel or apartment due to maintenance and local energy-saving initiatives. Unseasonal weather can also result in power interruptions. G M Tours And Travel INC shall not be liable for any loss or damage from such situations. The management and oversight of foreign property, transportation, and other matters are governed by national laws, ordinances, standards, and codes of conduct. Compared to the United States, many other countries have weaker standards for safety and the law. It is important to remember that the standards enforced will be those of the country you are visiting, not the United States. 

If You Cancel Your Pilgrimage:

Suppose you or any party member needs to cancel your reservation after it has been accepted. In that case, you can only do so legally if you provide written notice to G M Tours And Travel, if you booked via them, or to the travel agent you used to make the reservation, instructing them to contact us immediately. If a pilgrim must cancel, they will not be eligible for a refund.

If You Have a Problem:

In the improbable case that something under our direct control during your journey does not meet your preferences, you must notify it immediately. This will allow your agent to address the issue and prevent it from ruining your pilgrimage. Our top priority is making your pilgrimage enjoyable. Details of your complaints should be documented on a client comment form available upon request if the issue cannot be resolved immediately. 

Within 14 days of your pilgrimage’s completion, please submit this form and the attached letter to our Passenger Relations Department. We will not be liable for claims received after this time.

Financial Protection (IATA):

The IATA plan provides financial protection for all flights and flight-inclusive vacation packages provided by [Your Travel Agency Name]. An IATA Certificate detailing the level of your financial security will be provided to you when you make a reservation with us. We strongly advise you to obtain this certificate and confirm that it includes all of the details of your reservation, including flights, lodging, and other services.

You will obtain your IATA Certificate when you purchase a flight-inclusive holiday or a flight protected by IATA from us. This document outlines your financial protection, tells you where to get important information regarding your security, and who to contact if you have any questions or concerns.

By using our services, you agree to recognize and accept that, in such cases, the other IATA holder will be in charge of carrying out the terms of your agreement, and you also consent to pay them any money that is still owed. Nonetheless, Please be advised that there might be situations in which designating a substitute IATA holder could be more practical. In these situations, you are still entitled to submit a claim through the IATA program or, if it applies, your credit card issuer.

The Trustees of the Air Travel Trust may provide benefits or compensation under the IATA program if we, or the designated suppliers on your IATA certificate, cannot supply the specified services or appropriate alternatives because of our insolvency. Accepting such advantages or payments means giving the Trustees full authority over any claims you may have against us, the travel agency, or your credit card company.